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Riding the Wine Train with Limited Mobility

Although the cars on the Wine Train are 100 years old, guests with limited mobility can also experience it. Before you visit, we want you to know all about our accessibility and our limitations, so there are no surprises once you visit.

Guests in wheelchairs and guests with limited mobility are invited to ride in our Gourmet Car (offered year round) and our Silverado Car (offered May-October). You will be seated at one table for the duration of the trip. Moving in a wheelchair while the train is in motion is difficult, and guests who require a wheelchair should move only when advised to do so by our staff. If a guest with a mobility restriction wishes to move about the train, they must be assisted by a member of their party.

The doors and the hallways on the Wine Train are fairly narrow, ranging from 25-31 inches. If you are not confident that your wheelchair will fit on board, we have transfer chairs available in the lobby.

Restrooms on board the Train are not wheelchair accessible. In order to use the restroom on board the Wine Train, you will have to be able to get out of your chair. The restroom is located in the Silverado Car. If you are seated in the Gourmet Car, the restroom is located in the Silverado car next door. The trip on the Wine Train is three hours long. There are wheelchair accessible restrooms in the Wine Train’s lobby for use before and after the trip.
In order to board the Train, guests who are unable to climb stairs are loaded onto a manual lift where they are raised from ground level to Train height. The weight limit on our manual lift is 500 lbs.

At this time, we are unable to accommodate guests with limited mobility on any of our winery tours. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Reservations Department at 800.427. 4124




  • The doorway to the Silverado Car is 25in wide
  • The doorway to the Gourmet Express Car is 31in wide
  • The hallway in the Silverado Car and the Gourmet Express Car is 26in wide
  • Steps to board the train are 9.5 in tall.  The steps are slightly recessed, which some guests find challenging. There are both right and left handrails.
  • At this time, the Dome car is not accessible by wheelchair. There are 7 steps to get into the Vista Dome car.  Each 8 in tall. and Riding the Wine Train and Riding the Train

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