Captured on the Wine Train

November 16, 2023
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As you sip on our elegant wines and delight in the gourmet cuisine prepared by our onboard chefs, the
endless Napa vineyards create the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram picture. The Napa Valley
Wine Train comprises twelve railcars and four engines, making for many stunning onboard photo
opportunities. The classic look of the locomotive, with its polished presence, offers a perfect vintage-
inspired backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments. As you journey through Napa's picturesque
landscapes, remember to snap photos from the stunning platform all the way to the caboose! Of course,
we have our own photo team to snap a picture before you board, but throughout this blog, we will
guide you through the best places to capture those pictures aboard our train to ensure you get that
Insta-worthy shot during your experience!

Captured on the Vista Dome

We are starting off strong with our renowned picturesque car, The Vista Dome! This is where timeless
allure meets the enchanting vistas of wine country, pictured below by @caseycalistaa on Instagram.

This car offers an enchanting backdrop that will effortlessly blend elegance with the scenic beauty of the
rolling vineyards. From romantic moments to the stunning wine country, you can fill your Instagram
feed with envy-inducing pictures that your followers can't help but admire.

Quick tip: when looking to capture the aesthetic of the car, take clothing colors and patterns into
consideration. The velvet booths in the Vista Dome are red, so be sure to wear an outfit that will create
contrast and really pop!

Captured on the Legacy Experience

If you ride aboard the Legacy Experience, keep your eyes peeled and get a photo at the iconic Napa
Valley sign from the open-air car of the Napa Valley Wine Train (as pictured below by @ang_gutierrez)!
Selfie sticks are encouraged, but don’t be surprised when our team volunteers to snap a shot for you!
The warm sun, gentle breeze, and scenic views create the perfect backdrop for the snapshot to
remember your Napa experience long after your train returns to the station.

But that’s not all the Legacy Experience has to offer. Our car’s interior is just as stunning as the exterior!
See for yourself in @ms_nanakay’s photo below.

The Legacy Experience offers opportunities to stop at two world-renowned wineries — Charles Krug
Winery and V. Sattui Winery. If you want to snap a photo that’s perfect for the ‘gram, strike a pose at
one of these wineries in front of the Wine Train.

Tastings on Tastings

Our Tasting on the Rails experience is perfect for getting your next Instagram picture, as it has exclusive
access to the observation platform overlooking the vineyards! Inside tip: at the start of our journey, the
observation platform has an unobstructed view and is the best time to take advantage of this photo
opportunity! Additionally, visit our 480-power car, where we have open-air windows, making for a
gorgeous photo opportunity!

Captured on the Caboose

As the train gently winds its way through the picturesque vineyards, head to the caboose to capture the
lush green rows of vineyards, creating a stunning backdrop against the railroad tracks like
@focusonyourcraft did below. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this mesmerizing
masterpiece truly captures the essence of Napa Valley's rich heritage and renowned culture.

Last, but most definitely not least, Napa Valley Wine Train’s most insta-worthy shot is the boarding-the-
train moment of excitement and thrill of embarking on a timeless journey. Just take a look at this iconic
shot @sellwithsami shared with us! We recommend getting the right angle and simply flashing that dazzling smile! This image evokes the wanderlust of generations.

Our best tip for getting this shot just right involves a little trick — consider taking this photo at the end of
your journey instead of the beginning. That way, you won’t have to worry about other guests boarding or the train’s travel schedule. After the ride, there is plenty of time to leisurely optimize a recreation of that special moment when you first board the train. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us!

The Napa Valley Wine Train offers a remarkable journey through the heart of wine country and an
opportunity to capture unforgettable moments that will leave your Instagram followers in awe.

In the spring, as the vineyards come alive with bud break and vibrant flowers, the valley becomes a
canvas of beautiful hues. February and March usher in the mustard season, casting fields in a brilliant
golden carpet perfect for adding a pop of color to your photos. Early fall brings the magic of harvest,
where plump grapes hang low on the vines, promising the exquisite wines that Napa is renowned for. As
late fall sets in, leaves begin their breathtaking transformation, signaling the valley's graceful entry into
winter. And even in the heart of summer, Napa's lush green hills and the stunning canopies of
grapevines, as far as the eye can see, ensure that there's never a wrong season for capturing that
perfect Instagram-worthy shot. Once you’ve got that great shot, don’t forget to submit it to our contest
for your chance to win a Wine Train experience for two!

Every moment aboard the train will offer a touch of elegance and an opportunity to create photographic
memories to treasure for a lifetime. Start planning your next adventure today!

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