Our Team Culture

We’re dedicated to the growth of our team, ensuring each member has a voice and opportunities to learn new skills. We’ve worked hard to cultivate an open, connected space with regular town halls, annual picnics, and holiday parties.   

Join the Wine Train Family

The Napa Valley Wine Train prides itself on being an inclusive workplace, one full of happy team members who deliver incredible guest experiences. Together, we create a healthy business that can support and provide year-round work for our team, comprehensive benefits, and plenty of opportunities for growth.

Noble House Team Perks

Joining us at the Wine Train means you’re a part of the Noble House Hotels & Resorts family, where full-time employees receive hotel discounts. Learn more about how Noble House perpetuates leadership in the hospitality industry.

Employee Testimonials

Employee Appreciation

I feel valued as an employee at the Napa Valley Wine Train by both my peers and management. We are well taken care of in all aspects. Management does really try to think of everything, from mental health, to inclusivity, to just simple support and care through rough times.

Motivating Company Culture

The Wine Train goes above and beyond to make team members happy—everyone is helpful, so nice, and warm. Managers and leaders have many events and surprises to show their appreciation for the hard work we do.

Professionalism & Enthusiasm

Every employee at the Wine Train is beyond helpful and supportive. It’s a breath of fresh air, the professionalism and enthusiasm everyone has here. 

Fulfilling & Exciting

I have the opportunity to enjoy my work experience and take care of my personal ventures and obligations. I wake up excited and grateful each day to be at Wine Train and have these professional opportunities. 

Conquering Challenges

I can confidently say that I feel valued here at the Wine Train. I’ve received plenty of praise from all around the Wine Train and Noble House. I’m asked questions and have been assigned to new projects and tasks. Being able to work on such things is a great challenge for myself and it shows that the team has the trust in me to be able to get these tasks completed.

Great Place to Work

I would definitely recommend the Wine Train as a great place to work! The staff is very welcoming and helpful when it comes to learning new things. It would be a fantastic place for anyone looking to join a supportive team.

Work-Life Balance

The workload is perfectly balanced for me to be able to finish up in time before my shift ends. It allows me to go to the gym right after and complete any other tasks I have in my personal life.

Supportive Team Members

Our quarterly town halls are energized, allowing our team the chance to come together, connect, and have fun. We are slowly growing as a family and supporting one another due to this quarterly connection, which has been great for our company.

Seeing the Valley Every Day

What I like the most about my job at the Wine Train is seeing the Valley every day and all of the people I’ve worked with. I would recommend the Wine Train as a place to work—I think it’s more fun than the train itself!

Enhancing Leadership Skills

Working and leading the lounge car has given me a sense of being a true leader. It has also allowed me to utilize public speaking and become more comfortable addressing groups of people.

Interested in Joining Our Family?

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your goals. We invite you to explore our open roles and check in for more opportunities and Napa job offers.