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Cosmic Pairings: A Glass of Wine Based on Your Sign

August 25, 2022 / Art & Culture, Tasting & Learning

What’s your sign? Like Biodynamic winemaking that looks to astrology and the lunar calendar for alternative growing methods, we’re looking to the stars for grape compatibility. Whether you’re an indulgent yet dependable Taurus or an imaginative, adaptable Pisces, read on to discover your celestial-inspired pairing and where you can find it on the Napa Valley Wine Train route!

A Spicy Syrah For Aries

A glass of syrah is perfect for Aries, the wild child of the zodiac. Syrah is full-bodied and complex, with dark ripe fruit, higher tannin, and herbaceous notes that taper off with a kick of peppery spice. It perfectly matches Aries’ bold, brash, and fiery personality. Sip syrah at Merryvale or Raymond Vineyards—both provide guests with fantastic signature wine tasting experiences.


Taurus: A Herbaceous Cab Franc for the Earth-Bound Bull

Picture Taurus laying on a luxurious daybed, having grapes fed to them while working from home. In other words, this earth sign likes to mix business and pleasure. So what better for the mighty and indulgent Taurus than a hearty, bold, and potent cabernet franc? Its deep vegetal pyrazines make for a full-flavored taste, whether during the work week or weekend. Savor a glass at the Robert Mondavi Estates Collection tasting or Peju’s impressive Reserve Tasting.


Gemini and a Splash of Bubbles

Gemini is a social butterfly, always looking for an excuse to kick off a party. So, get ready to grab a bottle of bubbly blanc de blancs or effervescent moscato, Geminis. It’s perfect for making a toast at your next big social affair. Domaine Chandon uncorks pure magic for bubbly lovers, showcasing their award-winning portfolio of sparkling wines as part of their elevated tasting experiences.


Attention Cancer: Here’s Your Cheerful Sauvignon Blanc

Cancers use their soft and emotional side to care fiercely for their loved ones. These natural nurturers also make for fantastic hosts. Cancer’s next dinner party would pair well with a zesty sauvignon blanc. It’s crisp and zippy, thanks to a bright mix of tropical and stone fruits, and pairs well with seafood and flavorful cheeses. Bon appétit, Cancer! Although well-known for its cabernet sauvignon, Hall produces impressive sauv blanc and hosts stunning private wine tasting experiences.


That’s Right, Leo. You Need a Bold Cabernet Sauvignon in Your Life

Leos are the bold leaders of the zodiac, so obviously, they’d gravitate to one of Napa Valley’s most legendary varietals. Grown in the glorious warm Napa climate, this grape is mega-opulent and full-bodied, packing big flavor—just like Leo’s personality. Find a fab cab sauv at every winery on our route, with special mention to Charles Krug, Napa Valley’s oldest winery estate, where you can sample remarkable single-vineyard cabernets.


A Versatile Chardonnay, or the Virgo of Wine

Virgo’s hardworking nature knows no bounds. Ever resourceful, they adapt to their surroundings to get any job done. Do you know what that description sounds like to us? Chardonnay: a highly versatile grape grown all over the world. Chardonnay takes on the qualities of where it’s grown and can tolerate warm and cool climates. Grgich Hills, founded by famed winemaker Miljenko “Mike” Grgich, who put Napa chardonnay on the map, is the place to go for a glorious glass. Reserve your spot on our Grgich Hills Estate Tasting today.


An Elegant Zinfandel for the Luxe-Loving Libra

Beautiful, balanced, and smooth—Libra or Zinfandel? We say, why not both? Libra’s enjoy the finer things and are at their best when harmonizing their relationships and life. Zinfandel, a Napa Valley hallmark varietal, is a decadent 14%+ ABV and finely balanced wine. Mixing medium to high sweetness with deep red fruit on the palate, it sings in tune with Libra’s lavish sensibilities. Visit V. Sattui and gulp a glass of goodness at one of their feature tastings.


Secretive Scorpio and A Complex Pinot Noir

Are you a tad mysterious? Keep your cards close to your chest? Then you’re either a Scorpio or a glass of pinot noir. Scorpios are also a social bunch, despite their darker side. Pinot Noir, a world-famous light-bodied varietal, is the perfect companion for this zodiac sign, thanks to its approachability and subtle, rich complexity that develops as it ages. A great glass of pinot is also featured in the Estates Tier at Robert Mondavi, or you can visit Merryvale for an exclusive single-vineyard pinot noir tasting.


A Super Tuscan for the World Traveling Sagittarius

Hey jet-setting Sagittarius, meet the Super Tuscan. Originating in Tuscany (surprise!), winemakers developed the Super Tuscan by blending indigenous noble grape varietals (cabernet sauvignon and merlot) with the Italian noble sangiovese grape. The result? A full-bodied party in your mouth. The only blend on our list, it’s perfect for Sagittarius, matching their intrepid and social personalities. Visit Castello di Amorosa for their Diamond Estate Tour and Reserve Wine Tasting and try their Super Tuscan “La Castellana”.


Take A Break, Capricorns, and Have a Merlot

Capricorn is one of the most driven, hardworking signs of the zodiac. They know discipline and dedication will produce excellent results over time. If Capricorns were a wine, they’d be an aged merlot. As merlot ages, developing and deepening in oak barrels like a stoic sage, so does its flavor. Find a sumptuous glass of merlot at Beringer, the legendary Napa Valley producer whose signature tastings let you sample current releases and reserve wines.


The Age of Aquarius and the Petit Verdot

An Aquarius likes to do their own thing. It’s no secret. You’ll still find them at parties, hanging out with friends, but don’t be surprised if they leave early for some alone time. A bit of a rebel in its own right, petit verdot requires a lot of attention from winemakers to ensure the harvest is done at the right time. Not to mention, it’s typically found in blends but really sings on its own. You can find a divine glass of this native French grape at St. Supery and Grgich Hills.


Dreamy Pisces and the Riesling

Pisces are known for their ethereal and intuitive qualities. This adaptable bunch is youthful and soaks up the emotional energy of those around them. So, what do we recommend for a moody and transitory water sign? A dreamy and deliciously aromatic riesling, of course. This grape is a bit of a chameleon, taking on a different flavor profile depending on where it’s grown. It can be so dry it’ll make your lips pucker (cool climate) or so sweet it tastes like honey (warm climate). V. Sattui is the destination for this expressive sunshine in a glass.

And there you have it, wine lovers. Some astrological inspiration as you search for the next perfect glass of wine to suit your sign on the Napa Valley Wine Train route. Explore our range of  Wine Train tasting experiences and get ready for your own Napa adventure.