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Quiz: What Type of Wine Are You?

May 18, 2023 / Art & Culture, Tasting & Learning

Wondering what wine pairs perfectly with your personality? Dive into Napa’s world of robust reds, smooth whites, and everything in between as we help you unlock (or uncork) the ideal glass for you. Whether you’re a natural-born leader or the life of the party, we’ll make picking your next bottle simple with just a few questions. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

1. You’re about to book your next vacation. Where would you go on your ideal getaway?

A. A tranquil spa retreat. I’m happy when I can fully unwind and reset.
B. A beach vacation with friends. Surf, sand, and beach volleyball — count me in!
C. A mountain cabin adventure. I love disconnecting while enjoying nature.
D. A high-energy city trip. I want to get a little lost on downtown streets.
E. A romantic wine country escape. I’d love to take a tour of Napa aboard the Wine Train.
F. A laid-back lakeside retreat — chilled out, barbeque meals, and morning dips in the water.
G. A weekend in Vegas — dazzling lights, round-the-clock fun, and never-ending attractions.

2. It’s time for a little fun during the weekend. Which activities do you love most?

A. Wining and dining at an upscale restaurant.
B. Hosting a dinner party for all of my friends.
C. I love being in the great outdoors — hiking, camping, and breathing in the fresh air.
D. Exploring city streets and popping into art galleries and museums.
E. Cracking open a new book and reading somewhere cozy.
F. Centering myself with yoga or meditation.
G. Grooving up a storm on the dancefloor at a high-energy nightclub.

3. Tap into your wild side. Which of these animals do you resonate with the most?

A. Majestic lion. Hear me roar!
B. A happy-go-lucky dog with a pack of puppy friends.
C. I’m a crafty raccoon — adventurous and curious.
D. Energetic squirrel. I’m always looking for the next thing to focus on.
E. Wise, discerning owl. I like to think before I fly.
F. A playful dolphin swimming in the sea.
G. A dazzling peacock who loves to show off!

4. You’re deciding where to go out for dinner. What are you in the mood for?

A. Take me to a steakhouse for filet mignon, surf ‘n turf, and savory mashed potatoes.
B. Grilled seafood — succulent shellfish, lobster tails, shrimp, or crab.
C. Big, bold barbeque dishes. Anything spicy!
D. A hearty pasta dish — Bolognese, lasagna, the list goes on.
E. I’ll take a burger — beef, lamb, or portobello, with all the fixings.
F. Grilled chicken, fresh salads, and veggies. Anything light or green.
G. Gourmet cheese and charcuterie — give me happy hour fare any time of day.

5. Check your playlists. What’s your favorite type of music?

A. Classical. Mozart, Beethoven, or bust.
B. Country. Laidback, catchy tunes are the best.
C. Rock. Classic, grunge, alternative — I love it all.
D. Pop. Top 40 hits are my go-to.
E. Jazz. Smooth tunes from all the greats.
F. Mish-mash. I could never pick just one.
G. Dance & EDM. Time to pump up this party.

6. Let’s phone some friends. How would they describe your personality

A. Sophisticated and laid-back.
B. Sociable and always up for fun.
C. Adventurous and enthusiastic.
D. Fun-loving with a zest for life.
E. Thoughtful and down-to-earth.
F. Always positive and easygoing.
G. Charming, magnetic, and charismatic.

7. You’re on a deserted island and can only pick one. Choose your favorite type of movie.

A. Drama. I’m looking for deep characters and storylines.
B. Rom-com. Something lighthearted with a happy ending.
C. Action. Seeking thrills and chills.
D. Comedy. Make me laugh!
E. Mystery. I live on the edge of my seat.
F. Documentary. Love to learn while being entertained.
G. Musical. The more catchy the songs, the better.

8. Here’s a quick closet check. Which best describes your style?

A. Elegant. I never leave the house without looking perfectly polished.
B. Casual. I’m a shower-and-go and low-fuss wardrobe kind of person.
C. Bold. Pops of bright color and dazzling jewelry mean you’ll notice me walking down the street.
D. Eclectic. I love to make a statement in power-clashing colors and avant-garde silhouettes.
E. Classic. Timeless pieces and fuss-free outfits fill my wardrobe.
F. Minimalistic. Neutral tones and low-key styles but still finely curated.
G. Glamorous. I’m always wearing the hottest brands and accessories.


If You Picked Mostly A, You’re Cabernet Sauvignon — The Magnetic Leader

You’re the embodiment of a Napa Valley cab sauv. Like this bold, full-bodied wine, you exude sophistication, power, and elegance. Your strong personality makes you a natural leader who isn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns and make big decisions. Cabernet sauvignon is synonymous with Napa, featured at all of our winery partners, including the esteemed Charles Krug, the oldest Napa Valley winery and California’s first tasting room. You can book their Cabernet Connoisseur Tasting to sample excellent single-vineyard cabernets and sip on a true legacy.


If You Picked Mostly B, You’re Chardonnay — The Engaging Socialite

As a chardonnay, your personality is lively, charming, and versatile. In other words, you’re the life of the party, and making friends comes easy — much like the beloved-by-all chardonnay. You have a sunny disposition that warms up any gathering, and your adaptability lets you thrive in any social setting. For a taste of history and illustrious legacy, board the Wine Train for the extraordinary Grgich Hills Estate Tasting. This daytime adventure delivers a gourmet lunch and a seated tasting on the outdoor patio at Grgich Hills Estate in Rutherford. Sip on absolutely gorgeous iterations of Napa chardonnay from a true icon.


If You Picked Mostly C, You’re Malbec — The Daring Adventurer

Turns out, you’re a malbec. That means you’re intense, adventurous, and a little spicy. Like this robust wine, you have a strong personality, love taking risks, and throw yourself into new situations. A zest for life fuels your spirited side as you search for the next big thrill. For a glorious glass of malbec, Merryvale Vineyards hosts a collection of exciting tastings, including their Reserve Tasting that features Stanly Ranch Malbec, as part of an exclusive reserve flight. Raymond, another stop on our route, showcases Malbec as part of their Small Lot Collection and offers the Taste of the Valley with rotating offerings from their entire portfolio.


If You Picked Mostly D, You’re Zinfandel — The Bold Free Spirit

A fun-loving free spirit with an infectious enthusiasm for life — you and zinfandel have a lot in common. Your vibrant personality shines through in everything you do, making it almost impossible not to like you. Spontaneity, open-mindedness, and unforgettable character are hallmarks of your one-of-a-kind personality. Head to V. Sattui for a celebrated collection of zinfandels, who have a storied past growing and producing this widely loved grape. V. Sattui hosts a number of tastings and tours as well as the outdoor Artisan Deli, so you can easily pair your zinfandel with some delicious seasonal bites.


If You Picked Mostly E, You’re Cabernet Franc — The Pensive Intellectual

Profound, contemplative, and insightful. Did we just describe you or a cabernet franc? The answer is both. Just as this wine is known for its earthy, herbaceous flavors and refined tannins, you have a grounded, reflective nature. You’ll feel right at home at the family-owned Peju Winery, which offers highly rated cabernet franc in its portfolio. Peju’s Reserve and Portfolio Tastings give guests a window into their 40-year tenure in Napa and samples of all their most fabulous bottles.


If You Picked Mostly F, You’re Sauvignon Blanc — The Eternal Optimist

If we had three words to describe you, they’d be bright, refreshing, and optimistic. Just as this crisp white wine invigorates the palate, your uplifting presence offers renewal and energy to every situation. As a natural optimist, you’re a lighthearted, glass-half-full person who always sees the silver lining. Hop aboard the Wine Train and set your sights on Robert Mondavi. While known for its renowned cabernet sauvignon selections, the winery offers a range of sauvignon blanc as part of the Napa Valley Tier and Estates Tier collections. Stop in for a decadent meal and enjoy Robert Mondavi’s culinary experiences with views of the legendary To Kalon vines.


If You Picked Mostly G, You’re A Sparkling Wine — The Charismatic Personality

You’re a sparkling wine — glamorous, elegant, and ready to make a grand entrance. Your effervescent personality brightens every room, and your natural flair for stylish sophistication makes a lasting impression when you leave. You’re a true showstopper with a joyful spirit that’s impossible to ignore. For premium sparkling wines, a visit to  Domaine Chandon is in order, celebrating 50 years of winemaking. Reserve one of their tasting experiences for you and your group and enjoy a portfolio of award-winning sparkling wines sure to liven up any afternoon.


We hope you’re well on your way to finding your next bottle of wine, but maybe you don’t fit into one category. Not to worry — you can sample them all! Hop aboard the Wine Train to visit our celebrated partner wineries and their exceptional offerings. Or, reserve your spot for a day trip or elegant meal during one of our signature experiences. Wherever you end up, you’ll surely delight in world-class Napa Valley wines. Cheers!