Onboard Cuisine

Closeup of white plate red and green tomatoes diced in quarters, spring greens, and a crostini with grainy mustard topped with a balsamic drizzle

Yes, the Napa Valley Wine Train is a luxurious journey. A one-of-a-kind adventure. But it is first and foremost a restaurant. Yellowfin tuna tartare. Pan-seared Pacific halibut. Roasted tenderloin of beef. Fresh local produce. Napa-style, multiple course gourmet meals. We take pride in the decadent quality of our cuisine. And the fact that it’s created onboard a moving antique train.

Our four onboard kitchens allow our chefs to create culinary works of art from scratch, made to order. Whatever dish you choose, luxurious ambiance is always served.

  • shot of empty table on Napa Valley Wine Train car with plush blue velvet and brown leather seats

Our Journeys

The Wine Train is a culinary experience that transports you back in time. Back to a time when trains were the sophisticated and elegant way to travel. When guests could explore the train as the land slipped by, relaxing comfortably in the opulent décor while they waited for dinner to be served. The dining cars were the heart of train life.

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Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Every day, we serve a variety of guests with different dietary restrictions and food allergies. All of our menu choices are prepared fresh and made to order on board the Train, but some advance notice helps handle special menu requests. When making your reservation, please alert your booking agent of your needs. The agent will submit your information to our kitchen staff and to our onboard manager. And when you arrive, remind your server which member of your party has the allergy. Rest assured, we handle hundreds of allergies weekly with ease. You’re in good hands.

All Aboard for Intrigue!

Join us for our holiday-themed Murder Mystery dinner on December 30th. Don’t miss out on our final two experiences of the year.