Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

An Elegant Journey

A Quattro Vino Tour is a six-hour discovery through a spectacular landscape. Take the inside track to some of the most celebrated winemaking families in Napa Valley. Three distinctive tours explore the lasting legacy, the art of winemaking, and some of the most elegant wine estates in Napa Valley.

Wine Tasting 101

September 6, 2018
Tasting & Learning

There are three basic steps to tasting a wine, and each one tells you something different about the wine you’re about to drink. Even if you aren’t dreaming of being a sommelier, following these simple tasting steps can help you grow your palate and figure out the wines that you love best.

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A couple take a selfie in a sunny, Napa Valley vineyard.

5 Impressive Napa Valley Tasting Rooms (And Why You Should Visit Them on Your Next Trip)

August 1, 2018
Style & Decor

The Napa Valley Wine Train takes you to some of Napa's best wineries. Not only are the wines delicious, but the tasting rooms themselves are a sight to behold. These are five of the most impressive tasting rooms in the Napa Valley.

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The Napa Valley Wine Train journeys alongside a lush green vineyard in summer.

Summer in Napa Valley

July 18, 2018
Arts & Culture Tasting & Learning

Summer is the busiest season in Napa Valley. Hot sunny days give way to cool and serene summer nights, vines are heavy with grapes, tasting rooms are bursting with activity, and throughout the valley, there are events to enjoy, and of course, wines to be tasted!

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A dining table set for two aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train

Railcar Spotlight: Car 1100

July 13, 2018
History & Culture

One of the most memorable things about a ride aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train is the train itself! We’re diving into the history and details of our stunning rail cars, starting with car #1100, our Gourmet Express Dining Car. Hop onboard and travel back in time with us.

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Featured Experiences

Champagne Vista Dome

Vista Dome

Elegant dining, elevated. With panoramic vistas of one of the finest wine-making regions in the world: spectacular Napa Valley.

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