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Quiz: Which Wine Train Journey is Right For You?

February 28, 2022
Tasting & Learning

Food and wine go together like nothing else. And just like chardonnay to shellfish or cabernet to filet, there’s a perfect journey pairing for you aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train. From epicurean to legendary to romantic and beyond — your ideal dining, tasting, and touring experience on our glamorous vintage train awaits at the end of this quiz.

First thing’s first: which option sounds most like your ideal journey?

A: A short, laid-back tasting experience with Valley views

B: An elevated but casual culinary experience with wine pairings

C: Sampling organic, award-winning wines focused on sustainability

D: A full-day adventure of sipping fine vintages surrounded by history

E: An interactive, social tasting experience complete with dinner

F: A romantic sunset dinner and tasting with my partner

How important are winery tours on your journey?

A: Not important, I don’t mind dining and sipping on the train

B: Not important; I’m more focused on food

C: Fairly important, I’d like to tour one winery

D: Very important, it’s my main priority

E: Not important, but I’d love some entertainment

F: Not important, I’ll stick to my cozy booth for two

Which iconic food and wine pairing is your favorite?

A: Merlot + beef bourguignon

B: Champagne + caviar

C: Chardonnay + lobster

D: Cabernet sauvignon + steak

E: Pinot noir + duck

F: Port + stilton cheese

Which wine descriptors best match your personality?

A: Approachable and elegant

B: Fresh and food-friendly

C: Bright and earthy

D: Balanced and complex

E: Lively and spicy

F: Sweet and effervescent

Pick your perfect pairing with a glass of wine:

A: A comfortable chair with a view

B: Food & Wine’s newest recipe

C: A locally sourced charcuterie board

D: A page-turner book

E: A puzzle or sudoku

F: Good company

What other adventure is on your Napa Valley bucket list?

A: Strolling around Downtown Napa at sunset

B: Dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant

C: A picnic and swim at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park

D: Touring the medieval Castello di Amorosa

E: Catching a show at the Napa Valley Performing Arts Center

F: A magical hot air balloon ride for two

Other than wine, what’s in your glass?

A: An old fashioned or Manhattan

B: Whatever pairs best with the meal I’m eating.

C: Something refreshing, like iced tea or sangria

D: An Italian classic, like an aperitivo or negroni

E: A gin rickey or French 75

F: Something sweet — with two straws, please!

It’s game night! What are you playing?

A: Checkers

B: Candy Land

C: Catan

D: Trivial Pursuit

E: Clue

F: Connect Four

If you could live inside the set of any TV show, which would you choose?

A: Downton Abbey

B: Chef’s Table

C: Game of Thrones

D: The Crown

E: Big Little Lies

F: Bridgerton

What does your dream home look like?

A: Classic and luxe with ornate, vintage accents

B: Elegant and open, with a full chef’s kitchen

C: Simple, charming, and airy with a big garden

D: Historical, interesting, and covered with vines

E: Moody, daring, and a little whimsical

F: Intimate and comfortable with lots of cozy nooks

If you answered mostly A: Vista Dome

You’re easygoing and laid-back but still love the finer things in life — especially when it comes to the timeless, elegant, and vintage. You’re open to trying new things but tend to return to the classics and old favorites. One of our most celebrated tours, the Vista Dome dining journey allows you to see the lush Napa Valley from every angle without moving a muscle. This early 1900s-inspired dining experience takes you to new heights aboard a two-story observation-style dining car with plush booths, rich mahogany paneling, and an exquisite menu.

Learn more about the Vista Dome Tour

If you answered mostly B: Gourmet Express

A true gastronome, you love any adventure of the epicurean variety. A skilled home cook or a passionate lover of all things delicious, you tend to plan your wine selection around your food — not the other way around. Board our decadent Gourmet Express dining journey and experience the golden age of rail travel, paired with a multiple-course culinary experience. Discover the sun-soaked Napa Valley over lunch, or opt for our dinner journey for spectacular sunsets and twinkling starry skies.

Learn more about the Gourmet Express Tour

If you answered mostly C: Grgich Hills Winery Tour

A lover of the great outdoors, you revel in life’s everyday pleasures — but that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the best of the best. You probably feel at home sitting in the sun, shopping at the local market, or cooking a fresh, healthy meal. A visit to the famed Grgich Hills Winery promises a vast selection of world-renowned wines created using biodynamic farming practices. At this Napa Valley legend, you’ll enjoy a private tour of the Grgich cellar and a special tasting on the winery’s scenic patio before devouring a multiple-course meal aboard the train.

Learn more about the Grgich Hills Winery Tour

If you answered mostly D: The Legacy Tour

History, tradition, culture, and knowledge are of utmost importance to you. You’re eager to learn about almost anything and have a deep appreciation for legendary, storied attractions and old-world charm. Our full-day Legacy Tour takes you behind the scenes of two of the region’s most celebrated wineries, each with a unique story and unmistakable air of elegance. First, discover the art of winemaking and enjoy an incredible four-course meal as you tour Charles Krug, California’s first tasting room. Then, make your way to V. Sattui, an award-winning, Italian family-owned winery founded in 1885.

Learn more about The Legacy Tour

 If you answered mostly E: Murder Mystery Tour

You’re inquisitive, puzzle-loving, and have a flair for the dramatic. It’s your outgoing nature and knack for problem-solving that makes our immersive, interactive Murder Mystery journey perfect for you. Dress in your semi-formal best — or really get into character in flapper-style 1920s garb or wizard-wear — and solve a suspenseful whodunit while you enjoy three gourmet courses of fine California cuisine.

Learn more about the Murder Mystery Tour

If you answered mostly F: Romance on the Rails

It sounds like you’re smitten! If you’re hoping to sweep that special someone off their feet with a one-of-a-kind experience, our Romance on the Rails journey is an experience made for two. Short and sweet, this two-hour sunset excursion serves a multiple-course gourmet dinner to the comfort of your private booth in our vintage, glass-topped dome car.

Learn more about the Romance on the Rails Tour

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