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Snack Time: Casual Wine Pairings

February 3, 2020
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Wine doesn’t have to be saved for special occasions! There are plenty of approachable wines that are perfect for a casual get together. Whether you’re having people over to watch the big game, hosting an award show party, or having some pals over on a Friday night, we’ve got the perfect list of wines for pairing with good times.


Cabernet Sauvignon Napa’s favorite varietal packs bold flavors that can stand up to some snack time staples. Think spicy salsas, amped up chip flavors, spicy pimento cheese, meatballs, or chili. Of course, a Cab Sauv is also the perfect pairing if you’re planning on firing up the grill and serving hamburgers at your shindig.

Riesling You might have heard the saying that Riesling pairs well with just about anything, so it’s no surprise that it’s a great choice for a casual setting. The sweetness of a Riesling is a great paring with salt and vinegar chips, briny olives, and will balance out the heat of spicy chicken wings.

Shiraz/Syrah The juiciness of a Syrah is an excellent complement to the yeast notes of pretzels or some mixed nuts and stands up well to the spice of that extra-large pepperoni pizza or the smokiness of those barbecued sliders.

Sauvignon Blanc The crisp citrus notes of a Sauv Blanc stand up well to the lime in your favorite tortilla chips and guacamole. It’s also great for cutting the grease of a fried chicken.

A group of friends hanging out on a couch, having champagne.

Sparkling Wine The effervescence in your favorite bottle of bubbly are perfect for cutting through richness and fat. Believe it or not, that makes sparkling wine the perfect complement for that family-sized bag of greasy, plain potato chips or buttery bowl of popcorn.

Pinot Noir This lighter red makes for easy drinking and is the perfect pairing to any pork products you might have on your menu—pigs in blankets, anyone?

Chardonnay Napa produces some outstanding Chardonnays, so don’t save them just for dinner! These round, medium wines will pair wonderfully with the decadence of mac and cheese or cheese dip.

What’s your go-to wine to drink on a casual night in? Discover some new favorites on your next Wine Train adventure and make your next game watching party the best yet.

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