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Tasting Notes: Collective Napa Valley

May 12, 2022
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Tasting Notes: Collective Napa Valley

From June 2 to June 4, Napa Valley Wine Train and Collective Napa Valley are coming together in celebration and support of our community. We’ll toast to wine lovers worldwide with curated experiences and unparalleled access to the region’s riches while working with local organizations to uplift our kids, neighbors, and community.

Looking for everything you need to know about Collective Napa Valley and how you can get involved? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for more details.

Collective Napa Valley: Who They Are

Wine brings people together from all backgrounds and all walks of life. The Napa Valley Vintners, established in 1944, was established to inspire its members to produce wines of the highest possible quality, to provide environmental leadership, and to care for the place we call home. Collective Napa Valley builds on the local culture of passion, camaraderie, and heritage to generously support the Napa Valley while celebrating vintners and wine enthusiasts.

Their history of fundraising for the good of the community is well documented. It began with the creation of Auction Napa Valley in 1981. As this organization evolved, Collective Napa Valley came into being as an exciting new way of supporting the well-being and growth of our community.

Today, Collective Napa Valley brings together wine lovers from all walks of life — from casual sippers to serious connoisseurs, with a shared passion for doing good (and wine, of course!)

 What They Do

The goal of the Collective is to spread the impact of philanthropy throughout Napa Valley. It focuses on supporting important initiatives for health care and youth development. Collective Napa Valley is invested in improving the lives of vulnerable and young residents in the valley while also supporting the local wineries and small businesses that are part of the Napa Valley community. Members of Collective Napa Valley regularly host special events, providing delicious culinary experiences, always paired with a perfectly crafted glass of wine.

Now, that’s something to toast about!

Barrel Auction Weekend

One of Collective Napa Valley’s popular events is just around the corner — the Barrel Auction Weekend! Taking place June 2 – 4, this event brings together vintners and wine enthusiasts alike to celebrate summer as a community. This live event weekend includes expertly hosted wine experiences, wine tastings straight from the barrel, and delicious meals from local restaurants, all concluding in a spectacularly large celebration to recognize non-profit partners, hospitality workers, and the community at large.

Thursday, June 2

Private Winery-Hosted Events

We’ll start this weekend experience with a series of Private Winery-Hosted events. How does gathering around the hillside vineyards, sipping delicious wine during a breathtaking sunset sound? You’ll relish in the exceptional wines and expert hospitality during this evening kick-off to an unforgettable weekend.

While you’re in the area, consider booking a stay with one of Napa Valley Wine Train’s partners to experience one of the world’s premier wine regions on a deeper level. The Rivers, Rails, and Wine Trails package includes two wonderful nights in a deluxe room at the River Terrace Inn. Enjoy a multiple course gourmet lunch during a day journey aboard the Wine Train, plus a full day of wine tasting tours, accompanied by a picnic lunch. This experience is perfect for first-time visitors or seasoned Napa Valley visitors. Plus, it’s the ideal daytime experience to kick off your Barrel Auction Weekend.

Friday, June 3

Vineyard Walks and Wine Talks

Enjoy the fantastic California weather while on a vineyard tour with an expert winemaker in the morning. Afterward, attend a blending session, or take a Vista Dome lunch trip with Napa Valley Wine Train. During this train ride, gaze at the beautiful vineyards from the comfort of our elevated observation-style dining car.

As you enjoy the scenery from the Vista Dome, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our banner collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of Napa Valley. It’s a token of appreciation towards all the non-profit organizations that are participating in the weekend’s festivities. Napa Valley Wine Train is happy to be part of a supportive and inclusive community, and we want to show our appreciation throughout our route.

Napa Valley Barrel Auction

After your lunch trip, it’s time to head over to the highly anticipated Napa Valley Barrel Auction. Taste wines produced by over 70 Napa Valley winemakers directly from the barrel and bid on your favorites throughout the day. And if the rush of the auction has you feeling a little hungry, head over to the marketplace. Here, you’ll find our very own Napa Valley Wine Train booth. We’ll serve delicious bites selected from our California cuisine menu to keep you satisfied and clear-sighted during the auction.

Saturday, June 4

Napa Valley Community Celebration

After the rush of Friday’s auction, it’s time to make your way to Yountville’s Veterans Memorial Park and celebrate the Napa Valley community with us! There’ll be plenty of food options available from some of Yountville’s finest food trucks and plenty of summer sipping wines to refresh you throughout the day. This event is family-oriented, so bring everyone along. There’ll be live music, fun, games, and activities for everyone to enjoy an afternoon of solidarity and bonding.

Consider extending your weekend trip by booking the Candlelight Junction special package. The most romantic of our special offers features a stay at the Candlelight Inn. You’ll enjoy a full day of winery tours before returning to a bottle of sparkling wine for you and that special someone in your room. Then, feast on a gourmet multi-course meal aboard our luxurious Wine Train. What better way to end a weekend celebrating the Napa Valley community than a romantic wine lover’s getaway in the birthplace of California’s wine industry?

Want to get in on this amazing weekend of events? You’ll need to be a member of the Collective. Learn more about the event, become and member, and get your tickets here

Get Involved, Stay Involved

Napa Valley Wine Trains is passionate about celebrating local wineries, restaurants, and the hospitality industry members that continually support and uplift our community. We’re excited to demonstrate our appreciation for Napa Valley Vintner’s with a Thank You campaign. Keep an open eye along the Napa Valley Wine Train route From May 22nd to June 11th to spot banners showcasing our appreciation for Napa Valley Vintners. We’re proud to celebrate with our guests, visitors, and tourists of Napa Valley who may happen to see our trains in passing as we spread the news of the great of Vintners.

To further support these efforts, we will be deploying a donation button to our website with all proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club of Napa Valley. This organization has been at the root of Auction Napa Valley’s donations history and will continue with the Collective Vintage’s efforts.

Now, when you book a tour with us, you can easily support the Boys and Girls Club of Napa Valley which aims to grow the future generations of Napa Valley starting with the right foundation.

Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Napa Valley, Greg Bouillerce, said about this important partnership that: “When you visit Napa Valley you see the harnessed natural beauty of our vineyards. You enjoy incredible foods in our restaurants and experiences in our wineries and venues. There is a magic to Napa Valley, but that magic doesn’t happen on accident. Behind every vine, dish, and experience is a community of people who make the heartfelt authenticity of a Napa Valley tangible. That’s what we love about our partnership with the Napa Valley Wine Train, together, we believe our greatest resource is not the grapes on the vine but the people who grow among them. Contribute to Wine Country by investing in the next generation of people who will define Napa Valley. Show those who grow among the vines that you care about them in addition to all of the wonderful things we love about this special place.”


Savor the Season

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