Love Lock Bridge

FPA-4 Diesel Locomotive travelling through vineyard with green grass and yellow flowers
  • Black padlock with initials written on it attached to fence, other padlocks in background

You may have seen Love Lock Bridges at iconic sites around the world, probably most famously in Paris, Cologne, and Seoul. And now, in Napa Valley. A small pedestrian foot bridge connecting the Napa Valley Wine Train station to the Napa Valley Wine Train’s boarding platform has been dedicated to lovers all over the world with its own Love Lock Bridge.

What’s a Love Lock Bridge? On the bridge, lovers can take a simple padlock decorated with their names, initials, or a special date and lock it to the bridge fence. Then the key can be either tossed into the abyss (or should we say, swale) below the bridge or saved as a keepsake.

The practice is thought to have started in China where it is tradition to “lock your soul” together. Love lock bridges are now extremely popular in Europe where locks can be seen hanging from a handful of bridges across the continent. Whether you are planning on riding the Train, or just passing by, stop by the Love Lock Pedestrian Bridge and leave a token of your love in Napa.

A Legendary Tasting

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